Friday, October 13, 2017

Wat BangKlan ~ (Wat Hirunyaram) ~ Temple Of LP Ngern (Part 1/2).

After we shared the temple journey of Wat TaiNam (the first temple of LP Ngern), now we sharing the second temple of LP Ngern and also one of the important temple of LP Ngern ~ Wat BangKlan. This sacred temple Wat BangKlan located not very far from Wat TaiNam.
LP Ngern of Wat BangKlan, Phichit province was born on 16 September BE2353 in Phichit province. He got ordained as a novice at age 12 at Wat Chana SongKram at Bangkok and he got ordained as a monk at Wat TongPu at age 21 years old. After that, he moved to Wat KongKaRarm and he also alone went on a pilgrimage in the border of Thailand and Myanmar. He established many temples, included Wat TaiNam and Wat BangKlan to promote Buddhism. He became one of great monks of Thailand and passed away in BE2464 at age 111. Although he is gone, he is worshiped widely throughout Thailand.
The famous Luang Poh Ngern is considered one of the most renowned monks and this is ons of his temple ~ Wat BangKlan, Phichit province of Thailand. Official name is Wat Hirunyaram, or commonly known as “Wat BangKlan,” is originally called “Wat WangTako.”
The sacred Nakorn Chaibaworn Museum of Wat BangKlan, where LP Ngern statues venerated inside the 2-storey wiharn. In part 2 we will see more photos for this Nakorn Chaibaworn Museum of Wat BangKlan.
The photo taken with the Ubosot of Wat BangKlan.
The temple surrounding area beside the Ubosot, the sacred Bell Tower, Wiharn, Sala building and Mondop building.
Wat BangKlan located next to the Nan Gao river.
The big Hall building of Wat BangKlan.
Hawker stall selling foods and drinks.
The sacred LP Ngern wax statue.
Photo taken inside the amulet counter.
The past abbot of Wat BangKlan.
The new batch of LP Ngern statues and amulets.
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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Visiting Wat Banden ~ Kruba Tuang - The Remarkable Grand Blue Temple With 12 Chedis Of The Zodiac Animal Signs (Part 3/3).

The Part 3 we will share the back side of temple Wat Banden, where holds the 12 Chedis or 12 Pagodas. According to ancient local belief when people die their spirit will stay in the chedi of their Zodiac animal sign. During their lifetime, everyone should make a pilgrimage to the temple of his Zodiac sign. Every Zodiac animal sign has an official temple in Thailand. Since some of these temples are far from Chiang Mai province, abbot Kruba Tuang decided to build 12 Pagodas in the Wat Banden, each one representing one of the Zodiac signs.
 The Lanna style Pavilion and long Hall building with Blue Roof of Wat Banden. Although the temple complex is relatively new, it has already become an important place of worship for local people and Buddhists from all over Thailand.
 The veneration Phra Buddha statues along the Hall building.
 The monk Kuti of Kruba Tuang. As Kruba Tuang was a good and well-behaved monk, people respected him and make donations to support him turning the temple into an exquisite and magnificent place of worship. Not so long after, it became widely known. 
 Next side from the Kuti is located the 12 Chedis of the Zodiac Animal sign.
 Another part of the 12 Chedis. 
 The largest White Chedi and Copper Sheet Chedi.
 The sacred statues of Kruba Tuang and Phra Buddha.
 Another part of the temple with Wiharn and one of the 12 Chedis.
 The magnificent new built Chedis of Wat Banden.
The small Wiharn with several shrine of Phra Buddha statue.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Visiting Wat Banden ~ Kruba Tuang - The Remarkable Grand Blue Temple With Teak Wooden Wiharn (Part 2/3).

In Part 2, we see one of the more imposing structures of the Wat Banden is a very large Lanna style teak wood viharn with a three tiered roof. The Wiharn is an attractive building with its blue roof and golden barge boards, decorated with intricate wood carvings.
 The Blue Roof wiharn of Wat Banden ~ Grand Blue Temple.
 The large Wooden Pillar with decorated painting on it and venerated Phra Buddha statue along the hall.
 The photo of Kruba Boonchum and Kruba Tuang.
 Photo taken inside the Wiharn and background view of another Wiharn of Blue Roof with  white concrete platform.
 The main altar of Wat Banden.
 The photo taken in front the main Phra Buddha and monks statues.
 The big Wooden carvings statues of Phra Buddha.
 The statues of Phra Buddha stand on ground Wiharn.
 The panaroma view inside the Wiharn.
 The former abbot  Kruba Thueang Natsilo's statue, if i not mistake.
 Photos of Abbot Kruba Tuang ~ Wat Banden, has completely renovated the Wat Banden and added a number of impressive structures.
The sacred amulet collection in counter Wat Banden.
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